What’s earned media for PR?

Earned media is organic news coverage your business or brand receives. It’s not paid for like advertising. People often confuse earned media with paid media even though they have two very different meanings.  The main difference is price. Earned media is not bought; it’s the outcome of having a product or service that other people […]

What’s a “copy”? + tips on how to write it

If you’re starting to learn about digital marketing or recently started to work with a marketing agency, you may have heard the word “copy” or “copywriting.” Easily explained, a “copy” is the text component we use on our publications or posts. There are two main types: The image copy: This is the text that goes […]

What to say? 5 tips to clarify your brand’s message

Creating a brand goes beyond thinking about the product or service you’re going to sell. Sometimes, when marketing efforts fail, we wonder if maybe the product wasn’t right, or we weren’t in the right market. And yes, those two factors are also vital to successful brands, but there’s one even more important: the message. The […]