COVID-19 impact on e-commerce

The unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to threaten supply chains and how businesses operate, all of which add to the COVID-19 impact on e-commerce. Across industries, stores have been shuttered and sales have declined.  Businesses have tried to weather the storm by pursuing models that could help them mitigate possible damages by the […]

How to optimize your products pages on Amazon for free?

Did you know that Amazon has more than 12 million active products, not including variations, books, wines, audiobooks, and services? In addition, it has more than 310 million users, of which 90 million are Amazon Prime users (who consume around $ 1,500 in Amazon products per year). Every day there are around 2,000 new sellers […]

The 5 steps to sell on Amazon

Today we are going to summarize the whole process of selling on Amazon in 5 steps to highlight some milestones that every seller should know. No matter the reality of your business, its needs, and the expectations you have for it will mark the steps and strategies you develop. These are the essential steps: 1. […]

Advertising in Amazon

Before starting this short blog, it is important to clarify that this post is aimed to break down the options available for advertising within Amazon. Nothing else. As a very quick introduction, it is important to name the types of campaigns in each Amazon advertising group: a) Amazon Advertising (formerly AMS – Amazon Marketing Services) […]

What is Engagement and how does it work?

If you are in the social media world, “Engagement” is one of those terms that gets thrown around a lot,  but what does it really means? When we talk about social media marketing, “Engagement” represents the ability we have to create long term relationship with our audience. There are many ways we can measure engagement, […]

5 advertising tools for Amazon

As usually happens in any discipline of marketing (and in life in general) if you have a good tool you have a lot in advance.  Obviously, a campaign can be perfectly managed without the need to contract any additional service, but, in general, these tools offer us a level of monitoring and productivity far above […]

5 tips to encourage user-generated content

There are two types of photos being shared online: those shared by people and those shared by brands. All the posts, photos, videos and stories created by regular people are what we call “user-generated content” or UGC. This is a lifestyle type of content, where we can take a peek into people’s everyday life, what […]