5 advertising tools for Amazon

As usually happens in any discipline of marketing (and in life in general) if you have a good tool you have a lot in advance. 

Obviously, a campaign can be perfectly managed without the need to contract any additional service, but, in general, these tools offer us a level of monitoring and productivity far above what we can achieve natively with Amazon. As the investment and the number of advertisers on this platform grows, so do the options in the form of specific tools for PPC. Below are 3 tools we recommend for Amazon Sellers.

 1 – Zon Tools 

Here you will find automated management of Sponsored Products campaigns. 

They use their own algorithm called AM 3.0 thanks to which you only have to enter the keywords and objectives, Zon Tools will automatically adjust the bids seeking to get the most out of the budget with an optimal ACoS. 

The control you have over all variables is impressive managing non-converting word bids but also scanning search term reports to find new keywords, adding potentially profitable ASINs to ad groups, removing non-converting keywords, controlling the I spend so that no word makes a break in the budget.

It is available for all Amazon marketplaces so you can use it in national and international campaigns. 

Do you know how much this wonder costs per month? Less than you are thinking for sure. They have three different plans: 

• Analyzer: for only $ 9 a month you can manage an unlimited number of products, campaigns and keywords manually. 

• Masterer: the cost is $ 19 per month and to the characteristics of the Analyzer plan we will add 5 applications that will help us semi-automate the campaigns. 

• Dominator: you pay $ 25 every month and in return you get the complete suite of Zon Tools. 

In addition to comprehensive automation, you will have a premium level of customer service and monthly strategic consulting.

 2 – PPC Entourage 

We can say that PPC Entourage is a campaign optimizer. The first thing it does is an automatic audit of campaigns, ad groups, and keywords. 

It is able to identify those aspects of the account that are eating the margins, you can know exactly what you are investing each euro and the return it is generating. With the results that you will get after that analysis, with a couple of clicks we will already have the tool configured. One really good thing about PPC Entourage for Amazon Ads is that you can choose the level of automation you want to apply so you have great control over your campaigns. 

Special mention for your reports that use very clear and easy to use. Very interesting is the option to compare organic performance and pay, weekly and monthly account health reports, ACOS reports and benefits.

In this case, the price of the service will be calculated based on the SKUs you want to promote. Costs more or less like this: 

• 1-5: it has a cost of $ 47 per month. 

• 6-21: the fee is $ 97 per month. 

• 22-52: It costs $ 147 each month. 

• 52 or more: $ 247 per month.

3 – PPC Scope

I propose you one more alternative, in this case I mean PPC Scope. I am not going to extend too much in what it does because, basically, it is very similar to the others commented. Still it has some remarkable features.

The processes that you carry out in PPC Scope are much more manual than the automatic ones that we have seen in other tools. You control the performance in the application and, once the optimizations of keywords, ads and groups are defined based on the data provided by the tool, upload the changes to Amazon Ads from here.

In terms of prices, there are four different plans that are geared towards different customer profiles:

• Mini: small vendors with one to three SKUs and up to 500 words. The price is $ 19.99 per month.

• Small: ideal for those who do not have more than 10 products for sale and need to use up to 8,000 words. It costs $ 44.95 a month.

• Medium: This plan is intended for international sellers because it allows 100 products to be put up for sale on 7 different marketplaces using 12,000 words for it. Its monthly price is $ 64.99.

  • Large: 1,000 products and 12,000 keywords make this plan the most ambitious for companies. If you are interested the cost is $ 84.99 per month.