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Aurea Natalia Salas

Advertising & PR, University of Navarra, Spain, graduate. In Costa Rica, she studied Politics and Photography. Global Communication & Project Management specialist. Co-founder of Going Master, an e-commerce solutions business. She's been a part of UN summits and along them created an NGO called Connecting Children to provide technology for Costa Rican low-income students. She worked as an account manager for premium sellers in Amazon.

Dal Maso

After several years as a model, she studied Advertising Design at Véritas University in Costa Rica. Since then, she's worked in digital marketing, influencer connections for brands and events, audiovisual production and design for national and international brands. In 2019, she represented Costa Rica at the Miss International beauty pageant in Japan.

López Sedó

Journalism and Communications graduate from the University of Costa Rica with more than 5 years of experience in the national digital and printed press. She has a technical degree in Graphic Design and multiple courses in creative copywriting and community management. In 2018, one of her stories won the highest award at the Punto y Aparte journalism program and stared in the national fiscal reform debate.