Brisa – Photography

Brisa Lifestyle Photography Brisa is a Colombian-Costa Rican fashion start-up that is committed to a fresh, comfortable and feminine empowering style. During 2021, we worked on several lifestyle style photo shoots for social media campaigns.

Rouxx Coffee – Photography

Rouxx Coffee Lifestyle Photography Café Rouxx is a company that embodies the knowledge of four generations for the love of Costa Rican coffee. All its collections have been carefully selected to create experiences on the palate. The company’s philosophy is to obtain a gourmet coffee of excellence, thus pleasing even the most demanding palates, always maintaining […]

Repostería Jomar – Photography

Repostería Jomar Lifestyle and product photography. Repostería Jomar is a Costa Rican pastry business, dedicated to making cookies, “orejitas”, and cheese sticks that #TasteLikeHome. Since April 2021, we have worked on various photo sessions in both lifestyle and product styles for social media campaigns, such as Easter, Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

Open Borders – Branding

Open Borders Branding Open Borders is an organization that seeks to support the academic and professional careers of children, teens and adults, mainly through tutoring, English teaching and advice on studying abroad. Their vision is that dreams have no borders, so we started from there to develop their image. Our client wanted a youthful, fresh […]

Randall D. Sedo – Branding

Randall D. Sedó Branding Randall Durán Sedó is a specialist in Orthodontics and Maxillary Orthopedics from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.His purpose is to brighten the world one smile at a time. In his practice, the team loves what they do and their daily driving force is the happiness of their patients. The branding […]

COVID-19 impact on e-commerce

The unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to threaten supply chains and how businesses operate, all of which add to the COVID-19 impact on e-commerce. Across industries, stores have been shuttered and sales have declined.  Businesses have tried to weather the storm by pursuing models that could help them mitigate possible damages by the […]

How to optimize your products pages on Amazon for free?

Did you know that Amazon has more than 12 million active products, not including variations, books, wines, audiobooks, and services? In addition, it has more than 310 million users, of which 90 million are Amazon Prime users (who consume around $ 1,500 in Amazon products per year). Every day there are around 2,000 new sellers […]

The 5 steps to sell on Amazon

Today we are going to summarize the whole process of selling on Amazon in 5 steps to highlight some milestones that every seller should know. No matter the reality of your business, its needs, and the expectations you have for it will mark the steps and strategies you develop. These are the essential steps: 1. […]

Advertising in Amazon

Before starting this short blog, it is important to clarify that this post is aimed to break down the options available for advertising within Amazon. Nothing else. As a very quick introduction, it is important to name the types of campaigns in each Amazon advertising group: a) Amazon Advertising (formerly AMS – Amazon Marketing Services) […]