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Corporative & personal branding

Ah…Branding, one of our favorite words!

We certainly love branding, but we are quite aware it can get overwhelming. It’s a broad term with many ramifications. But don’t worry, let us introduce you to this world of possibilities, one category at the time.

Well actually today is your lucky day, we are going to decipher 2 popular branding concepts. Meet our friends: Personal Branding & Corporate Branding.

These terms might sound contrasting, but actually they are more related than you actually though. We’ve had many clients and entrepreneurs confused over whether they should invest in developing a brand for their business or a brand for themselves. If you’re here, you most likely already know about the importance of branding, but the matter here is deciding which one should you opt for?

To start off, let’s briefly define each concept.

Corporate branding positions your company as a service provider. Your brand identity and personality are separate from your status as an individual.
Personal branding involves marketing a version of yourself, as an individual, over and above the services you provide. You’ll probably use your own name, or a stage name, as your professional brand name.

Now, let’s get to it. How can you know which of these 2 options adapts better to your business? The two main factors to consider before having a decision are your offering and your brand attributes.

Usually, if you are offering a service you’ll likely want to go by your personal brand. Personal branding might be a good fit if your character and personality are a big part of what you’re selling. A few examples of people who decide to use their name as a brand are celebrities, authors, personal trainers, and consultants. They can use it to market the unique services they offer. A big advantage of personal branding is the deep connection with your audience on a human level, which translates to more organic engagement. Also, personal brands are very flexible, as your business grows, sometimes so do the services that you offer, but since the brand revolts around yourself and your personality, it allows you to easily change its focus, which is something that isn’t quite easy when it comes to corporate branding.
We certainly love working on developing personal brands, but something we always ask our clients to do before starting with this process that will mark the overall direction of their business is to think in a long term.

 Ask yourself these simple questions:

• Do you consider growing and expanding your services?
• Would you ever need to hire more people to deliver your offering?
• Are you willing to be the public face of your company on the highs and lows that might appear?
• Are you ever planning on selling your business if there is a possibility?

All of these questions are a key factor to consider before taking the step of building branding for your business, now, let’s take a look at corporate branding and it’s benefits. 

When you focus on corporate branding, you force yourself to consider the long term plans for your business. Your business becomes a real, legal person if you’ve formed a corporation. By using company branding rather than operating under your own name, you can be more skillful when it comes to hiring employees when the work demands it, this way it is not mandatory that you are attending all business operations, and your brand will live on independently of your presence. Now let’s go beyond hiring, let’s think about the product itself. With corporate branding, it’s less meaningful that you maintain a subjective brand because the packaging designs and visual identity for your product will be the main factors that attract new customers.

Another big advantage corporate branding has, is to compete more effortlessly with larger and more established brands.  Something you should keep in mind is that corporate brands are a lot easier to sell than personal brands because they are not attached to an individual’s image.

What Type of Branding Is Right for You?

With both options presenting different advantages, it’s time to consider which one adapts better to your offering…If it’s still confusing for you, here’s a secret: You don’t always need to pick between one or the other, because in some cases the answer rely on working a combination of personal branding plus corporate branding.

At Trifecta, we consider your business banding as one of the most important factors for its appropriate growth and development, that’s why we offer integral and personalized solutions depending on your expectations and needs. If you are interested in assessment for branding elaboration or management, don’t hesitate to schedule a meeting with us so we can help you push your business to its full potential in a calculated ad personalized process.

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