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Detail Page design

A Detail Page is the main page for every product you sell on Amazon. It’s where your clients discover your brand and all its potential. We help you optimize its content to create impact and increase your conversion opportunities.

At Trifecta we will provide optimization recommendations for your product detail pages. This includes checking if the page adheres to Amazon’s style guidelines, ensuring the product title and images comply, reviewing for value-added bullet points, product descriptions, and variability.

A high-quality detail page contains information needed for a customer to become a buyer. This task checks for the above elements are optimized to create the most effective detail page possible. While the appearance of a product detail page will vary based on the seller, brand, product, and template they use, all pages contain a few of the same fundamental elements:

• Product name. This is usually worked into the title.
• Product brand. Also usually worked into the title.
• Product image(s). The products will have at least a main image, with several smaller ones to accompany it that highlight other areas of the product.
• Average product rating. How many reviews and what the average star rating is. This is based on the product itself, not the seller’s ratings.
• Product price
• Fulfillment method. If the buyer hasn’t filtered results based on Prime-eligible products, then they’ll see a greater variation on which fulfillment methods are available, like Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or others.
• Is it in stock or not?
• Product variants. For example, color, material, size, etc.
• Product details. This includes bullet point features, as well as longer sentences that go into more depth describing the product.
• Buy Box. If this is available it’ll be displayed, or other buying options will be if the Buy Box isn’t there
•  Frequently bought together. This is where the buyer will see Amazon’s recommendations for similar products that can be purchased together, like a charger cable or phone case.

While you’re responsible for the information on a product’s detail page, actions from buyers and Amazon will regularly change how the product detail page appears. For example, buyer reviews will affect your rating.

It is also important you make sure to follow Amazon’s rules for creating a product detail page. This encompasses everything from being accurate and honest to comply with their Terms of Service, and everything in between.

To do it right, you can follow these simple steps:
1. Make sure you select the right category for your product.
2. Input the barcode information, whether it’s a UPC, ISBN, EAN, or another number.
3. Upload great images, making sure you follow Amazon’s requirements.
4. Describe the product and its features as well as you can, as well as its condition and shipping details.

Strive for high-quality pictures and videos that reflect your brand’s lifestyle and value. If a picture is worth 1.000 words, one on Amazon could be worth tens of thousands of dollars! Images are one of the most valuable assets you can control on Amazon, so make sure you take advantage of it. Even if your lead image must be on a white background, you can use the other five slots to really sell what your brand is all about.

And finally, take advantage of the product description to use keywords and descriptions. When writing them, keep in mind your target audience and the questions they may have when searching for products or a solution to their needs. Talk about your product’s purpose and how it’s different from the rest. This is your opportunity to provide the level of insight and confidence your buyers need in order to add your products to their cart. 

If you are ready to shine your products on a better light, you can schedule a meeting with us so we can help you develop a custom strategy for your interests and your target market. 

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