How to optimize your products pages on Amazon for free?

Did you know that Amazon has more than 12 million active products, not including variations, books, wines, audiobooks, and services? In addition, it has more than 310 million users, of which 90 million are Amazon Prime users (who consume around $ 1,500 in Amazon products per year).

Every day there are around 2,000 new sellers who dream of generating enough through Amazon to live without worries. That’s why excelling on these free market platforms requires hard and constant work.

Luckily for you, we’re here to give you a basic guide to support you in the first steps, and thus make the process less overwhelming.

So, how do you optimize your Detail Pages on Amazon?

Before developing a marketing strategy on Amazon, you need to audit your presence within the marketplace, to define what you and your competitors are doing well and what can be improved. This also applies to social networks and your website.

Once you have done this, you can continue with these steps:

1- Optimize the title of your product correctly and following the Amazon guidelines

The title is the first contact the consumer has with your brand when they enter Amazon. It is important to be concise, with a maximum of 200 characters per title. Basically it’s like a tweet: you have to say everything in a few words and it has to be powerful.

This should include the brand name, the product name, specific characteristics such as size, color, material or quantity, and, lastly, the main benefit that sets it apart from the competition.

There is no need to include offers, promotions, prices, or comparisons with other brands. It just has to be a title that, by itself, catches the attention of your potential consumer.

And why is the title so important? Because of two super important things:

• Product information: It is the main part of a Detail Page. In Amazon search results, the title, the price, and the main image are the only elements that the consumer sees. So it is the only opportunity to attract attention.

• The keywords: The words used in the title have great weight in the searchability of the products. In other words, you can also do some search engine optimization (SEO) on Amazon. We will talk about this in depth later.

2- Product Images

For this topic, we would have to make a single chapter on our blog. But while we create that entry, here are a couple of tips, because like the titles, the images provide the user with the necessary information to decide if it’s a product  worth analyzing, if it’s even something the potential customer wants, or simply not what they are looking for.

For this reason, it is important that your images:

• Show the product from all the key angles to understand its dimension and characteristics.

• Show how it is used in the hands of a real person.

• If it is a piece of furniture, place it next to articles that serve as a reference to understand the size or use.

• Show usage ideas if you have more than one.

• Use high-quality images to prevent pixels from being seen or blurred. For that reason, the minimum measurement should be 1000×1000 pixels.

Remember that the main image has to be in a completely white background according to the Amazon Guidelines. If not, it may cost you to suspend your listing.

3- The main characteristics of the product

A good way to increase your conversion with marketing actions on Amazon is to provide the potential consumer with clear and fast information so they can buy without hesitation.

Amazon sellers call it “key points”.

Here are some recommendations on how to deal with this list of key points:

• Write a paragraph for each key point that includes two to four relevant phrases.

• Be very careful with what you say. Persuasive and engaging writing should be the foundation on which you build your detail pages. 

• Don’t put filler information or vague phrases. The main purpose is to showcase the added value of your product for real people.

• Check customer reviews, complaints, and frequently asked questions about products similar to yours. There, you will find the pain points that your value proposition must include in this list.

4- Product description, a key to marketing on Amazon

Possibly the most important part: the description of your product within the Amazon Detail Page. If your potential customer has made it this far, you are one step away from making the sale.

Take advantage of this description to finish convincing the consumer and expand the information you have provided so far.

This is where those who own their own brands and with the entire B.R. 2.0 in order with Amazon can create their Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) or A + Content, thus adding more images and a little more interactive information to finish convincing the user.

For those who do not want EBC or do not have access to it, this is where Amazon provides you a space for basic HTML, with bold, italics, and double spaces so that you can make it more attractive to the customer.

Which one would you rather purchase?