Everything from branding to market research and influencer management to position your brand in your customer's top of mind

& video

Audiovisual resources are highly effective in captivating your audience’s attention. We make photographic and audiovisual high-quality content specific to your brand’s target.


In this hyper-connected era, a strong social media presence is key to powering your business. We have the knowledge and tools to manage your brand’s communications according to its goals and needs


A solid image that responds to your brand’s personality speaks volumes to your audience. We offer design services and consulting during your project’s visual identity development.


On the look for a new face for your brand? Do you want to position it in your target’s top of mind? At Trifecta, we match your brand with influencers who respond to your needs, goals, values, and spirit.


A client in love is a loyal client. We make brand perception surveys, competitors research, and market research using tools such as mystery shopper investigation, focus groups, and content analysis to know every detail on how your audiences and market behave.


We create strategies before, during and after your brand’s introduction to the market to ensure a strong presence in your target’s top-of-mind. We believe in the use of data and are extremely detail-oriented.


The perfect mix of PR, Marketing, Press & Social Communications to cover all your corporate needs

Corporate &
personal branding

On the look to build or grow your brand? We support public figures, businesses, and organizations on their journey to build a strong image and identity according to their goal and, interests, and help them position themselves in their market.

Crisis prevention
& management

Even a small crisis can knock down a business’s reputation. Our experience and trajectory let us act strategically and efficiently when faced with potential risks and crises that can take a toll on your brand’s image and reputation.

Brand PR

Philosophy, culture, image, and reputation. We help you build those PR pillars for your brand, striving to create, sell, maintain and generate a positive image before audiences of interest.


It all starts at home. We assist our clients in the usage of tools that link their staff with the brand’s values and communication protocols so the external communication is issued according to brand principles.

Social communication & responsability

Social responsibility is sexy. Our experience working with communities permeates how we build our community-business integration strategies, striving for an integrated communications management.


The most important target of every business is its staff. We develop strategies to help each employee work towards the brand’s goals, achieve self-growth and encourage a healthy organizational climate.

Event planning
& design

From branding and content creation to bookings, we’ve got you. We manage all the planning, organization and promotion of events to power your brand’s presence in every setting.


Press releases, free press or paid ads, you name it. Our team’s experience allows us to give your brand the presence it deserves on national and global media.