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Marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns are the perfect way to create brand awareness, attract leads, and build a relationship with clients. Having a plan for how you’re going to attract customers, create brand loyalty, and manage your brand’s image and reputation in multiple channels is key to the success of any business.

Creating marketing campaigns instead of single advertisements with no common goal will grab your customer’s attention in a more efficient way and ensure you a better return on investment.

This way you can have more control over where your customer stands within the journey you’ve planned for them and can create different strategies for each point to move them to where you want them to. It also lets you explain your services and promote your brand even further in ways you never imagined possible.

Whether your business needs a Business-to-Consumer strategy or a Business-to-business approach, knowing how and when to contact your potential customers can help you stand out from the crowd and create a more meaningful impression that leads to a better return on investment.

At Trifecta, we create and manage marketing campaigns in and out of e-commerce platforms, like Amazon, to unify and sharpen your communication efforts. We do everything from sponsored products to content management, social media & e-mail marketing to accompany you and your customers through each step of the process.

We know any marketing campaign strives for a well-targeted message that reaches a defined target audience, is easily understood, and encourages the recipients to perform the desired action.

herefore, we start with thorough research of your target audience and market to help you identify your value proposition and how your brand can stand out from the competition. This will make setting business and marketing goals an easier and more effective process. 

Knowing where you stand and where you want to be is essential to determine your marketing goals. Whether you want to conquer new clients, boost brand loyalty among existing customers, or improve your brand’s reputation, it is indispensable to know how you envision your company in the long run. These goals should be achievable and adjusted to the available resources. 

Once the reach of the campaign is settled, we’ll design a media plan according to your needs, making use of endless possibilities of platforms such as TV, newspapers, magazines, online advertising, paid media, social media marketing, events, or even social responsibility strategies. We have experience matching our customer’s needs to the platforms and type of content that will highlight your message and implementing it in an effective, creative, and engaging way.

We are also very data-driven, so we always perform the necessary measurements of the campaign effectiveness depending on the media we decided to use. For example, we keep track of the engagement percentages on your social media platforms, or how many people used the discount coupons we created for a specific ad, so you can always have a detailed report of how your money is being invested and what the return on investment is.

We love working with both offline and online strategies according to your goals and the opportunities each channel gives your brand to achieve them. We work with a 360º communications service approach, to build integral marketing campaigns and strategies with an endless combination of ATL and BTL strategies, platforms, and diverse content.

If you are ready to develop and implement a marketing campaign to grow your business, you can schedule a meeting with us so we can help you develop a custom strategy for your interests and your target market. We’ll help you plan, develop, and implement a strategic marketing campaign to increase your client conversion opportunities.

We’re Trifecta Content Studio, a 360º communications agency focused on helping e-commerce companies and small-to-medium businesses build effective and engaging communication strategies that range from branding and influencer marketing to crisis prevention, to Amazon A+ Content and storefront design.