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Photography & Video

A picture is worth a thousand words, but when we are talking about marketing, these words can’t be random, they must have a specific meaning. In this age of high mobile-device engagement, having good marketing photos and videos is more important than ever before. This can help you display your product’s quality and also tell your brand story to your audience.

Have you ever heard about visual marketing?

Visual marketing is about connecting marketing messages to images, it is not only about photos and videos, but it can also include graphics, logos, signs, and more. Yep purpose in this marketing technique is creating an object, rather than exclusively text, the center of your message. Why? Because we are visual beings, our brain processes visual information faster than text-based information, we have been conveying data in visual form since cave painting.

Visual marketing has an extraordinary impact, but this technique approach is still underestimated by business front runners and marketers alike who fail to fully comprehend its potential. Take a look at these interesting facts:

• The brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text.
Source: Piktochart, 2018

• 4x more people would rather watch a video review of a product than reading about it.
Source: Small Business Trends, 2016

• When information is paired with images, people retain 65% of the information, rather than 10% without.
Source: Brain Rules, 2018

• Product videos can increase purchases by 144%.
Source: StacksandStacks, 2018

• Customers are 40% more likely to purchase from a vendor who tailors content specific to their needs and preferences.
Source: MarketingProfs, 2018

• Images and videos are the most widely used types of content in social media. 80% of marketers prefer using visual images when driving social media marketing campaigns, while 63% use videos.
Source: SocialMedia Examiner, 2018

See? There’s science behind the effectiveness of visual marketing. While there are many types of visual content, today we are going to focus on Photo and Video to offer you some insight into how they can benefit your business


Colors can set a mood, lighting can evoke emotion, and layout can stimulate a reaction. The critical work is finding what works best for your product. Professional work can help you highlight your product’s best assets by using the correct elements in the composition. Before listing an item on Amazon, Etsy, or another e-commerce website, take the time to shoot some high-quality product images that will help your item sell.


Nowadays is indispensable to let your audience know who you are and show what makes you different from other options in the market. Usually, this information is displayed in the “About” page on your website, something that could make a big difference in the engagement it generates is creating a video that shares your story in a more intimate approach.

This example of content can assist you to humanize your brand. A video allows you to offer your audience more detailed information, faster and efficiently, without it becoming boring. Consider the idea of interviewing different members of your organization, this generates a sense of community and bond between the audience and the people that deliver the service or products.


If you want your content to resonate, it has to be about more than just a product. You have to show the larger vision of what you are trying to achieve with your brand. A few things you can do with your videos are showing how they are part of the solution of problems, testimonials, lifestyle-related situations, and more.

If you are ready to shine your products on better light and highlight all of its wonderful assets, you can schedule a meeting with us so we can help you develop a custom content creation session or visual marketing strategy for your interests and target market. 

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