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Press management

A good media presence is key to the success of most businesses. Whether you need to announce the launch of a brand, a new product or service, or just inform your target audience about the on-going projects and alliances your brand is working on, strategic media coverage can help you build brand awareness and reputation.

Managing the press is a little tricky. Journalists, reporters, and media, in general, come in various flavors and sizes, and it is easy to handle them incorrectly and be faced with unintended consequences if you have no experience in communicating with them in a proper manner.

Our team has worked inside the news and media industry before, so our trajectory not only allows us to understand the content producing process, but also how journalists discover, understand, and portrait reality. This experience also allows us to own a large contact database with all kinds of fields inside the industry, such as journalists, reporters, editors, and even company owners, inside and outside the American market.

This enables us to have an upper hand in the management of the media and the communication strategies of our clients and enables us to expand our reach when positioning strategic messages. We know who to talk to, and when and how to do it to ensure a constant media presence that allows the brand to build a great reputation and relationship with its audience.

In this information era, a good image is everything, and a single tweet or social media post can evolve to devastating media coverage that could permanently damage your brand’s reputation. Bad press is one of the most harmful things a brand can endure because of the legitimacy it gives to a certain issue, and this is what our team prevents.

We work is centered around proactive actions to guarantee beneficial media coverage, such as scheduling live interviews or sending press releases every month. This way, we create brand recognition among journalists and nurture the relationship striving for long term cooperation, and if crisis management is ever necessary, we already have the contacts to decrease the harm it can do to the brand in a proactive, quick way.

Press releases have changed a lot over the years, especially since businesses have realized the importance of online marketing. But to use a press release effectively, there are some strategies. Here are a few ways we use them:

Announcing a new product or service

If you want to create awareness on a new launch, we’ll prepare a press release and position your big news on all major search engines, social media networks, and media, so you can gain a big buzz about such an exciting time for your brand.

Building brand reputation:

Whether you’ve created a new program, are working on strategic alliances for your corporate social responsibility, or are doing a good deed for society, we want your target audience to know! There’s never enough good news in the media, and we make this our purpose.

Search engine optimization:

By using specific keywords relating to your business, you can optimize your press release so people can easily access your company information through search engine use. Also, if all these media outlets start linking your company’s domain in their articles, this makes you more “trust-worthy” for Google and rewards you with better rankings on their search engine.

If you are ready to give your brand some positioning in the media, you can schedule a meeting with us so we can help you develop a custom strategy for your interests and your target market. 

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