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Social responsibility is sexy, and in today’s world, also necessary. Our experience working with communities permeates how we build our community-business integration strategies, striving for an integrated communications management.

Corporate Social Responsibility encompasses corporate citizenship, stakeholder theory, business ethics, and corporate sustainability. It deals with the strategic positioning of organizations in their communities of interest or where they’re located and the way they show their responsibilities and core values towards society. In other words, it has a direct impact on how the company is socially perceived.

It derives from the corporate identity and reputation, and it is inherent to the brand’s essence. More and more, companies are including corporate social responsibility in the heart of their business strategy. In a context where values and social justice are extremely important to most people, brands, and companies with perceptible social value and responsibility are better ranked in their top-of-mind.

Nevertheless, studies have proven that only sincere and genuine corporate social responsibility is rewarded, so your brand’s strategy should revolve around causes and values that you truly care about and can actually deliver on those promises.

A heavy focus on marketing and just selling, selling, and selling, can deteriorate your customer-brand relationship and take a toll on your corporate reputation. Make sure you walk the talk and that your company does what it says it does, otherwise your company could risk a customer backlash.

Corporate social responsibility strategies can be implemented by donating to a certain social cause, engaging with a community in person, adopting a community or village for its social progress, or any medium that can develop person-brand relationships.

It is crucial that these strategies become a part of the company’s everyday life, so they should be an axis of your business’s corporate communication both on the inside and outside. Every achievement in this area should be shared with the employees, clients, NGOs, shareholders, and every single person that has a relationship with the brand. This helps build a corporate culture that responds to the brand’s promises and core values.

Having a business code of ethics can also help outline employee conduct on issues such as ethics, values, environment, diversity, respect, or even customer service. And if these topics are not included in your governance document, you should consider doing so as a written commitment to your social and environmental goals.

And these efforts should not be a one-time thing or just something to check off your list. They need to be regularly fed to the public and should be a part of your brand’s communication and content strategy. And this is why they should be clear from the start and weaved into the company’s essence: it is mandatory that these stories are shared with media as and when there is a possible coverage in line. 

At Trifecta, we build these strategies with four players in mind: your brand’s essence, your employees, your strategic allies, and your clients. So every article in the media, every social media post, every influencer talking about your brand and its social relevance, every donation help on building a life-long reputation with the social causes that your brand chooses to sponsor or be a part of. 

This way, you can make sure that everything from your workplace culture and your employee’s relationship with your customers to the kind of suppliers you use for creating your products or services is in line with your corporate social responsibility strategy and vision.

If you are ready to position your company as one that provides value to our society and has more to its essence than the actual products or services it sells, you can schedule a meeting with us so we can help you develop a custom strategy for your interests and your target market. 

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