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Storefront design

Take advantage of the creative liberty Amazon gives you to create an impactful store inside the platform according to your brand’s graphic guidelines. For a long time, brands were confined to just some bullet points and short product descriptions, but Amazon has been slowly introducing new ways to showcase brand storytelling with resources like A+ Content or the newest addition to the game: the storefront.

A storefront is a feature for Amazon sellers where they can create a small website-like store within the platform. It is made so small-to-medium-sized businesses can highlight their products and create a different buying experience for their clients.

It allows sellers to showcase videos, custom images that highlight your brand’s story and lifestyle, images with text, and customize how your page looks within the layouts Amazon provides. You can also create different pages in the store based on categorizations of your choosing and choose which branded products you want to link to.

This is an awesome and free option to gain more control over how your products are displayed and have more flexibility to showcase your brand’s story and lifestyle.

The tool allows you to maintain your brand identity so it doesn’t get lost on Amazon. As Amazon is one of the largest, most competitive online marketplaces make sure that your brand strategy stays consistent by designing your own storefront.

Some of the advantages of creating a storefront are: increasing the visibility of your brand on search engines, growing your online business by allowing customers to discover more than one of your products, and gain reputability and trust by implementing features such as slideshows, videos, and testimonials.

The store will also have its own URL, so you can share your page on your social media to attract more traffic. You’re also able to include built-in social features like social sharing buttons, paired with promotional advertisements to drive store awareness and traffic. Include them in your ads, press releases, social media platforms, and owned platforms. Link them in your YouTube channel or Instagram stories. Reach new markets and audiences easier and faster with a well-designed and well-branded storefront.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Get the layout right

The storefront feature allows many different layouts that can be customized and arranged in different ways to fit your brand’s needs. These “tiles” or content frames can be used in full width, divided by half, and so on. Make sure your choices benefit product appreciation and keep things readable.

Storytelling is a powerful tool

You can use text, pictures, and video to communicate the details about your product and the story behind what makes your brand special. Make sure you show your consumers why your brand is different from the rest. 

Don’t forget to preview the storefront in both mobile and desktop

Amazon reviews all storefronts before publishing. To avoid waiting 72 hours to correct mistakes or make other changes, make sure you check for spelling errors, readability, and the overall look of the storefront both in mobile and desktop. For example, sometimes a paragraph or line of text can look awesome on desktop, but it gets cut off in some parts on the mobile version. 

Don’t forget about your keywords

Keep in mind the words you’d like to rank for at all times. Always remember your pages will be indexed for search, so make sure you incorporate your keywords in your text, just don’t go overboard. The most important thing is to keep things understandable, relatable, and engaging for your customers.

If you are ready to shine your products on a better light, you can schedule a meeting with us so we can help you develop a custom strategy for your interests and your target market. 

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